Raised Floor Pedestal

Featured Charactor:

  • Stable quality:We strict control every raised floor pedestal processing from design, production to testing. 
  • 10+ kinds of raised access floor pedestals for choice, Customized orders are acceptable.
  • Very Good performance with waterproof, Rustproof, sound insulation and conductivity.
  • Simple structure, and through the bump and groove orientation and fixed with a double locking adjustment nut, good support verticality, distortion, and carrying capacity.

Standard Pedestal

10 kinds of standard floor pedestals for choice, which are widely used in office, data center room, Japanese house and etc.

Match 99% Raised Floor

Our standard pedestals can match most of raised floor, it is easy and convenient to choose from our standard one.

Custom Made

If you have special request about pedestal to match your access floor, We can do custom order according. Customers request is the 1st thing to consider.

We Strictly Control Every Process

Tube Cutting

Cutting tube are automatic,Strictly control the precision of the tube, workers can follow the processing efficiently and safely.


Stamping workers undergo very strict technical and safety training before taking up their jobs,stamping is an important process to make access floor pedestal.

Tube Shrinking

The automatic tube shrinking machine is designed and developed by ourselves, which can complete repetitive work accurately and efficiently.

Surface Processing

The thickness of the Dacromet film layer is only 4-8μm, but its anti-rust effect is more than 7-10 times that of hot-dip galvanizing.

Pedestal Packing

Workers on the packaging line have the responsibility of testing quality, and each packaged carton will have their seal of the day as a mark, responsible for the products they package.

Ready to Ship

We prepare inventory of standard floor pedestals for long-term customers, Make sure smooth sales in the event of an unexpected situation.

Recent Projects

Check our recently projects, the raised floor pedestals are widely used in data center room, office, Japanese house and public places. If you are a team or company engaged in raised floor installation, welcome to contact us to try our products, I guarantee you will like them

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"we choose Ruijin from more than 30 companies in China, What attracts me the most is their persistence and craftsmanship"
"I never thought I can coopeate with one company for 15 years,the company is Ruijin,I am a happy customer"
"Cooperation with Ruijin make me happy, you worry nothing about product,quality and etc,they can do everything ahead of you"

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