Raised floor pedestals type

There are different types of raised floor, the pedestals used for them are also very different.  As belowpicture, there are some main type: round head pedestal,  flat head pedestal.  The main style difference is the top board and the bottom board, and the support tube in the middle. Each use case has different requirements, what we can do is to vary the style according to your supply. Raised floor is widely used in office environment, used in conjunction with carpets on top. 

Many traditional raised floor pedestal are obsolete, however, we have the ability to locate the exact pedestal head that interfaces with your raised floor system. The improved design makes it’s easier to build the joist structure to save time and cost and more convenient , nearlyeveryone is able to complete it. 

The flooring pedestals are available in a variety of sizes. The tube diameter and thickness, head plate, base plate, floor finish height of the pedestal can be customized to fit your demand, Simply send us some images and we will find the correct pedestal. This price can be more or less depending upon the specific pedestal required for your floor system. 

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